Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Club Championships 2014

Monaro Post 26/11/14
The on court temperature was 45 degrees, however this didn’t take away from the fierce competition
to see who Cooma’s best players are this year.
The Men’s A Grade Final is the game of the day that draws the crowd. This year it was played between
Corey Bedingfield and Simon Bolton. Both players had come off dominant wins early in the day and
were looking in good form. The first game Corey got off to a quick 3 nil lead and looked to gain an
advantage, however Simon started to cut the balls off and put the pressure back onto Corey, leveling
the score at 6 each. Corey regained control and took the first game 9-6. The following two games saw
both players running hard and playing for each shot. Points were going each way and rallies lasted
longer than a couple of minutes. The second game got to 7 points all and Corey showed his dominance
in the later stages of the final two games taking the match and the Men’s A Grade Championship,
winning 9-6, 9-7, 9-5. Court time was just under the hour for this match and both players are to be
congratulated on an excellent match.

B grade champion: Ben Nicholson
Junior Boys champion: Hayden Smith
B grade female champion: Elousie Blanchard

Sunday, July 20, 2014

B Grade Winter Comp Weekly Report 18/7/14

In the first week of the Winter competition there were some great B grade matches played. Steve Johnson (Hillross) had a great match against  Kym Kleven (Paul Dyball Builders) when he took her to five and eventually won 3-2 with only 3 points separating them at the end – 37-34. Youngsters Sam Sergo and Liam Rankin also for Hillross had good wins against Lachlan Sturgeon and Matthew Oost and helped their team win 13-8.

Was good to see Aron Rogers back in the comp after a long absence. He would be the first to admit that his opponent, Sue Walters,  took advantage of the fact he would be a little “rusty” but the fact he lost the 3rd  and final game 10-9 showed he would be a force to be reckoned with as the comp wears on. Alex Corby, playing for the same team as Aron – Mark Kenmir & Co – made young  Corey Stockton  (Cooma Trophy & Gifts) run around the court before winning in 4. Another team member Matthew Kent (good to see you back Matthew) had a convincing win against Trinity Maat although Trinity made him work hard for the last game, going down 10-8

Another welcome back to Troy Stevenson who had a win 3-1 against hard-hitting Jason Harris. Jason took the first 9-7  but had no answers to Troy for the next three. Larry Maat, Dane Freimanis and Jimmy Harding, playing for the same team as Troy – Snowy Hydro – also had good wins against Narelle Rosewarne, Abby Freimanis and Brad Constance (Monaro Discount Tyres) which resulted in a team win of 14-4.

Possibly the best match of the night was between Tony Sergo and Peter Luk. Tony took the first 9-6 but lost the next two 8-10 and 1-9. He rallied all his energy to come back and show Peter who was boss by taking the next two 9-5 and 9-3. Both players played very well during a very long match with many handouts and came off the court quite exhausted with only 3 points separating them!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kailey Makes State Team Again in 2014

Congratulations to Cooma's own Kailey Tonnini who has made the NSW Squash State team for her age again in 2014. This is a terrific effort for Kailey and the club wishes to pass on their full support.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Autum Season Grand Finals


The Autumn comp has come to a successful end with both A and B grade semis and finals being played last week. In B grade COOMA CRANES came out the winners (after leading through the whole comp) defeating SNOWY HYDRO. The team consisted of Tony Sergo, Corey Stockton, Alex and Leanne Corby and Lachlan Sturgeon. The stand-out match was between Corey Stockton and Mat Nader. Whilst Corey has not had such a good run during the comp his new racquet has proved to be a winner and he made Mat work every game for his eventual win in 5 – going down in the final game 9-7.  Alex Corby took the first game in his match to work out the cunning shots of Karyn Sutton before finally defeating her in 3.  Kym Kleven took one game off Tony Sergo (Tony has lost very few games this comp) before gallantly going down in 4.

It was great to see Lyn Elton back on the court after a few weeks and she showed she still has it by only allowing Leanne Corby to score 6 points during the match.

Both teams received gift certificates for winners and runners-up.

Best in grade positions were also presented on the night. In A grade they were:

A1 – Corey Bedingfield; A2 Simon White; A3 James Hain and A4 Darren Davis

B Grade were:

B1 Tony Sergo; B2 Mat Nader; B3 Alex Corby; B4 Lyn Elton and B5 Lachlan Sturgeon

The winning A grade team was;

Corey Bedingfield, Andrew Egan, Craig Wheatley and Peter Luk.

 Runners up were:

Simon Bolton, Hayden Smith, Jan Wassink and Ira Hendriks
The Winter comp will commence after the school holidays with social squash and chicken runs during the holidays.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

B Grade Squash Report 12/6/14


As the Autumn comp draws nearer to a close another successful night of squash was held. Some of the youngsters showed their class in matches. Sam Sergo (Kleven Spain) took on Ned McDonnell (Cooma Trophies) and played a long 5 game match. Results went to and fro with Ned coming out the winner – 76 points were scored showing it was no easy defeat.   Richard Shingles took Eloise Blanchard to 5 before succumbing in the 5th.

Anika Jones (Mark Kenmir & Co) continued on her winning way by defeating young Corey Stockton (Cooma Cranes) in four but had quite a few long rallies along the way. The two Leannes – Corby and Kent – playing for the same teams had a good match with Corby winning the first but losing the next three giving Kent  a 3-1 win. The long-awaited match between  Alex Corby and Darrell Gaukroger (both having been undefeated this comp) saw Alex having a relatively easy win in 3.

Larry Maat (Hillross) took on Susan Walters (Paul Dyball Builders) and they had a good 5 game match with Larry scoring 37 pts to 30 and taking the match.  For the same teams Dane Freimanis played Trinity Maat and they had a very long 5 –setter before Dane  won by 3 games 36 pts to 2 games 29 pts.

Kym Kleven (Snowy Hydro) returned from the ashes of last week’s match and defeated Gerard Mackay (Monaro Discount Tyres) only allowing Ged to make 18 points. Mat Nader not only had a good win against Ian Corby but doubled up as a sub and only allowed high-flyer Tim Wassink to score 10 points.  Well done Mat.

As we go into the final round the team scores show that only 1 team is definitely in the final four so this week’s result is going to be crucial. Scores are:

Cooma Cranes 98; Snowy Hydro 75; Kleven Spain 72; Mark Kenmir & Co 69; Monaro Discount Tyres 68; Cooma Trophy & Gifts 66; Hillross 62 and Paul Dyball Builders 48.   

Monday, June 9, 2014

B Grade squash report 5/6/14


Some unexpected results last week! Larry Maat (Hillross) trounced Kym Kleven 3-0 only allowing Kym 1 point against his 27! Do I hear A grade calling you Larry? On the other hand his daughter Trinity for same team proved no match for Lyn Elton and only scored 4 points. Well played Lyn as Trinity has been improving weekly. Also for Hillross Darcy Clayton had a good win against the ever cagey Karyn Sutton and only let her score 14 points. On the bright side for Snowy Hydro Mat Nader took David Hogan to the cleaners  27 pts to 14.

Sarah Hamilton proved she can still be a force to be reckoned with by taking B1 leader Tony Sergo to five games – winning the 2nd and 4th games quite significantly. Well done Sarah! Also for Cooma Trophy and Gifts Tim Wassink and Ned McDonnell had good wins against Corey Stockton and Leanne Corby.

Two newcomers to the game played a 5-setter – Jimmy Harding (Monaro Discount Tyres) and Abby Freimanis (Paul Dyball Builders). Abby eventually came out the winner 3-2, 39 points to 29. Great to see these youngsters getting right into the game.

Another upset was the game between Anika Jones (Mark Kenmir & Co) and Steve Johnson (Kleven Spain). Talk about changing fortunes – Anika won the first 9-0, lost the 2nd 9-2, won the 3rd 9-5, lost the 4th 9-3 and won the 5th 9-7.  There were some good long rallies and some excellent shots played before enthralled onlookers. Similarly there were some up and down scores between Sam Sergo and Leanne Kent. They were (Sam) 9-1, 5-9, 9-3, 5-9 and 9-6, with Sam coming out on top 37 pts to Leanne 28.

At the end of round 6 Cooma Cranes are way out in front on 85 points with only 4 points separating the next 5 teams –

Snowy Hydro 62; Mark Kenmir & Co 62, Monaro Discount Tyres 61; Kleven Spain 59 and Cooma Trophy & Gifts 58. With only 2 weeks left before the semis and finals it’s anyone’s guess for the first four places which gives a good indication of the gradings.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

B Grade Squash Report 22/5/14


An excellent night was had last week with a good turnout of members Cooma Cranes extended their lead with Tony Sergo, Alex Corby and Lockie Sturgeon winning their matches against Larry Maat, Darcy Clayton and Bernie Harding respectively .  Was good to see Larry Maat taking a game off Tony Sergo who is playing great squash.

It was a close finish between Monaro Discount Tyres and Cooma Trophy and Gifts.  Ged Mackay defeated sub  (and son) Jeremy Mackay; Ian Corby lost to Tim Wassink; Alex Childs lost out to dark horse (and cunning at that) Richard Shingles; Aaron Pottage lost to Ned McDonnell and Jimmy Harding had a good win against Matthew Oost. The end result was 9 games apiece so it came down to points – Discount Tyres winning by 130 points to 115.

Kym Kleven and Narelle Rosewarne had a long 4 game match with the end result Narelle winning by 3-1 with only 3 points separating them at the finish.  Karyn Sutton came from behind after losing the first game to promising youngster Eloise Blanchard and took the next three. Lyn Elton and Eliza Williams had comprehensive wins against Sam Sergo and Gayle Harding with Lyn conceding only 11 points and Eliza 2 points thus helping their team Snowy Hydro defeat Kleven Spain 11-7.

Chris Tame, Darrell Gaukroger and Leanne Kent had wins against Susan Walters, Jason Harris and Dane Freimanis to give their team Mark Kenmir & Co a win against Paul Dyball Builders .

First 4 teams at the end of round 4 are:

Cooma Cranes   60

Kleven Spain    42

Cooma Trophy and Gifts  41

Monaro Discount Tyres  40